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Well, remember Google is constantly looking for the most relevant and high-quality content that’s out there. This is obviously something that would benefit tons of people. Although it’s a niche topic, it’s probably something people search for constantly – and they keep coming up empty-handed.

Look at your competitors’ top pages to learn what type of content brings them the most traffic and which keywords they’re targeting. When used in tandem with topical keywords, you can start your search for potential prospects on the right foot. But what exactly do you say once you find a good prospect? It is very important part of Guest posting if you want valuable outputs. Follow the below steps to be able to get the best out of your blog post. • Add interesting infographics and images to the content of your guest post.

I hope you found this whole chapter on ‘Ultimate Guide to Guest Posting’ interesting and useful for you. And, hope you understood the whole idea behind the practice of creating guest posts. I have tried to explain things in easy steps so that you would be able to implement these ideas to further sharpen your guest posting skills. Before you pitch in yourself as a guest blogger, you must be prepared with a small list of topics suitable for that blog. Keep the topics that fits the website and its readers. You can also focus on any subject that is missing on that site and would prove helpful for that website as well as its users.

And as a writer, this should already and always be your main focus. You’ll find these forums and other social websites when you search for any questions in your niche. Since forums have tons of discussions, they tend to rank for a lot of long tail keywords. An alternate way to find relevant forums is to use simple search queries.

With their help, estimating how many broken links the website has is fast and easy. The whole process starts with finding a relevant blog or website suitable for guest posting. First of all, the website should have a high DA rating. It is a metric that shows how authoritative the site is in Google’s eyes.


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As we’ve mentioned, guest blogging serves as a great resource for experts to share their knowledge on a particular topic. Just as most fictional writers tend to stay within their preferred genre, guest bloggers should generally stick to the subjects they know best. Letting a high-authority domain post your content is a fantastic way to expand your outreach.

There are essentially two types of links that make up a link building strategy. Guest posts can be seen as the core component of a link building package, demonstrating to Google that your site is relevant and authoritative. All content is 100% unique, and written exclusively for you. This approach maximises the chances of work being accepted by influential blogs. These blogs have a large readership, and your content is more likely to be shared and recommended.

Let’s assume you already have a general idea of what you want to write about. We’ll again use the topic of audio engineering as an example. When developing content ideas, the bulk of your energy will be spent on Keyword Research.

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