Are journalistic website like Screen Rant, Comic Book Resources, and more, partnered with companies like DC Comics, Marvel, and other film industries? Do they get paid or get incentives to create positive articles for these large companies?

However, if you don’t see the type or topic of writing assignments you’d like to work on, you can always pitch your freelance writing services to a potential client. If you don’t have a website with writing samples, you can create an online portfolio on LinkedIn or Contently to showcase your work. At least, that’s what I thought until I saw she has written43articles since May 26th, 2019.

I actually heard online that they hire writers for regular part-time work, which is super awesome… so I was very interested in seeing if this was true or not. As your online writing business grows, you should invest in your writing skills by taking courses, joining professional organizations, and other tools and resources you’ll need to be successful. If you’re talented in the kitchen and create your own recipes, there are food bloggers who will pay you for your original written recipes.

I’m going to ignore the pearl-clutching. Everyone’s entitled to being oversensitive about something. What I can’t ignore, however, is the mention that choking was “thought not to be that harmful”.


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It’s like someone paid the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons to write badly written hateful articles on everything. Expect to read gems like “DC MOVIES ARE BAD BECUZ THEY’RE DARK – DERP” and “FANS HAVE FORGIVEN GEORGE LUCAS”. This isn’t a place for breaking movie news or long-form journalism. What it is, is a passionate and active fan community. The writers on this site often find ways to write about shows and movies from angles I never thought of.

We were one of the only sites reporting on the Snyder Cut – and, if you listen to our most recent podcast, are all eager to see the Snyderverse continue. I’m also unsure why writing an article highlighting how some fans have grown to appreciate George Lucas more in recent years would be considered hateful. Every article is biased as all hell with no actual point to them. Each article is littered with grammatical errors, clearly showing that they don’t have any competent editors on staff.

The article points out that there are few female characters in the film and they don’t have much character development beyond their roles . This is a genuine criticism, identifying a potential symptom of sexism in film or a poor balance between male and female roles in storytelling. Does the writer do anything interesting with this? Hello Peter, I’m surprised by the two articles you highlight here. In general, our team is pretty supportive of the DCEU and the darker tone.

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