And they’re often the ones with the concept who are in charge of building the conceptual designs and gameplay with their team of designers. If you are eager to publish your guest post here, make sure that your content is following up with the detailed guidelines for guest posts. If you’ve struggled to build a following online or to find a platform that meets your needs, then you should write with us. Not a gamer, but love to research topics and enjoy reasoned and rational writing? GrownGaming is always looking for talented writers to join the family – and we only expect you to write about what you enjoy. Whether you like writing opinion pieces, covering the latest breaking news stories, putting together helpful tips and guides, or writing informative reviews, we have the platform for you.

We take extreme care over the research part and make sure that only a well-researched and information content is publishing at our blog only. If you would like to write an article for us, please follow these guidelines. If you’re a hardcore fan of one of these games and wish to write for us, please reach out to us with a sample of your writing. We want you to produce new content for us relating to your specialty game in the form of news updates and other possible features. We’ll need you to cover these titles as diligently as possible–if breaking news happens, you’ll need to get the story up fast. By sending us your content you agree that the copyrights to your article will remain with us and allow us to redesign your article at any moment we find fit.

As a result, we are happy for you to directly sign up with your choice of affiliate marketing or advertising company and send us a banner and link. Your ad will be inserted into the first few paragraphs of every article that you write. Your ad and banner will remain on your articles for the life of the site. We provide aspiring writers industry access, free resources and inspiration, and a community to support you through every step of your creative journey. The game designers have to create all of those elements. And those elements take time, money, and hours upon hours of design and rendering.


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Contributing to GameSkinny was like a breath of fresh air. On most sites, you’re either a full-fledged member of the staff, or at best, you can blog independently amongst the community. In-depth game development tutorials and resources for beginners. Please show us a previously published writing sample, along with a link to your Twitter or LinkedIn profile. We are looking for curated experts who wish to write for us.

We are here providing the guest posting opportunity for all those who are experienced in this niche and are ready to provide high-quality unique content from various topics. If you are a person who likes to write a lot and also likes video games, you can work with us and be a part of our team. We are always looking for new talent who wants to share their opinions and thoughts related to the general content of our website, which helps us to cover topics of our articles and our writing in general. Yes, you will utilize the ideals of story arcs, character arcs, and general story structure, but any game’s story is secondary to the actual gameplay of the title being developed.

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