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Along with the article submission, written permission for additional publishing from the original publisher is to be provided. Get started by sending our editorial team writing samples for review, contact us at If accepted our editorial team will send you account login info and article posting instructions. Yes, it is possible, because this is done by the power of God. The priest, standing at the altar is only a minister of God, who acts visibly in the person of Jesus Christ. The third reading is taken from one of the four Gospels.

Authors should aim to reach a wide audience with their writing style, using a conversational tone rather than a scholarly or academic approach. Be prepared to produce the next article on time even if the previous article is still in the drafting process. We will also be opening applications for VIGIL writers in early 2021. If you are interested in contributing solely to VIGIL, please refrain from applying to the Monthly Contributors. Our growing team of over 60 of the very best Indian Catholic writers. Authors who wish to submit their suitable manuscripts or book ideas for consideration may send a query to describing in a few sentences the work’s concept, its benefits, and its intended audience.

I also submitted some examples of my previously published work and a new article submission for your consideration. My original inquiry was sent to you on 8/22 and I submitted a follow-up on 10/19. Provide links to published work, if any, such as other websites, print publications, your blog, or simply acknowledge that you are just beginning your journey as a writer. Catholicism Coffee is dedicated towards spreading knowledge about the Catholic Faith to the world. We passionately write articles on Catholicism, pen down thought provoking spirituality essay’s and summarise church theology and beliefs as straight-forward as possible.

The Holy Mass is, first of all, a holy celebration, because it is Christ who acts in the person of a priest. Jesus Christ offers himself for us, as he offered on the Cross. Hence, we say that Mass is the same sacrifice of Jesus Christ, offered on the altar in an unbloody manner. Just like Jesus offered his body and blood on the Cross, he offers for us on the altar. The difference is that Jesus offered himself visibly on the Cross but on our altar, He offers himself invisibly and in an unbloody manner, hidden under the appearance of bread and wine.

$35.00 $46.00 $46.00 International news magazine of the life of the Church. If you offer a new periodical for inclusion in the list, please try to provide as much of the information listed in the KEY as possible. The first reading, except during the Easter Season, is from the Old Testament.


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Use the CMN Store Finder to locate a bookstore in your area. They are friendly people who are generous with their time. Pitches for commentaries focused on a seasonal event (Christmas, Easter, Advent, Lent, etc.) or the anniversary of an historical event, should be submitted a minimum of four weeks in advance.

The second reading is read usually from one of the letters of St. Paul. Sometimes it is read also from one of the letters of St. Peter or of St. John. Photo support is crucial for articles about a one-of-a-kind event. Our art director is part of the decision to buy an article and will indicate whether photos or illustrations will be needed.

Similarly, today, bread and wine, as the fruit of people’s hard work, are brought to the altar, to be offered to God. Besides, members of the parish take up a collection from the assembly and bring it to the altar, as a sign of their sacrifice, to be used for the pastoral needs and the poor. The bread and wine and the monetary offering are the symbols of our hard work, our studies, our needs, our struggles and even our own weaknesses. The priest, then, mixes a drop of water with wine, reciting a prayer, “By the mystery of this water and wine may we come to share in the divinity of Christ, who humbled himself to share in our humanity”. Finally, he invites the assembly to pray that the sacrifice might be acceptable to God.

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