List of Top 33 Get Paid to Blog Sites for Writing Posts

Of course, I can’t guarantee what an editor will decide on the day. You WON’T get a yes if you DON’T send out plenty of outstanding well-researched pitches. Op-ed first-person essays can be about business. Uplifting stories about a business dedicated to helping a group of people improve their lives count too. The next generation of writers breaking barriers together.

If you are interested in telling your story, The Healthy Mummy is willing to publish it. Inspire other moms with your story and earn $100 cash. You can submit your story on their submission site. Here are some of the sites that pay you to write about writing short stories and fiction. Are you a desert lover who loves to write about North American deserts and surrounding regions? DesertUSA is an internet-based, regional publication, focusing on travel, wildlife geology, desert lore, cultural and natural history related to North American desert regions.


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It is one of the widely read travel sites which gets over 8,000,000+ visitors yearly so you get a great exposure for your content along with payment. It talks about everything from traveling on a budget to making money online while travel blogging. Do you enjoy researching new and relatively risky, emerging or transitioning companies?

Apart from reporting sports house news, they also cover horse care and profiles of prominent horse people. Your article should be up to 800 words, and it should share a “crazy, touching, or hilarious” experience you had in college. More specifically, they’re looking for experts on website creation, getting website traffic, and using social media.

To avoid cliches you must study their NAJA HCN bingo board. You can write on various topics like reportage and news analysis, features, essays, perspectives, and op-eds, reviews, and more. Pay and submission email varies according to the chosen topic. The first step in writing articles for money is to set up a writer website and post some sample articles. Then, set up accounts on various writer websites. Finally, start submitting pieces and get paid for your writing.

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