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  • Shot Glass Holder Tray Diy Vinyl Or Portray Blanks Craft Provide

    That use being a vessel for booze… orrr even just some chocolate milk… something for the youngsters – RIP Auntie Fee. I even have a life-long ardour for DIYing, memory making and guaranteeing celebrations aren’t simply limited to particular events, and I share all those passions proper here! I stay in Los Angeles with my […]

  • Diy Glass Etched Shot Glasses

    Then, take the melted sweet out of the oven, rigorously take away them from the parchment paper and fold them over the shot glasses – in order that it takes the identical form. Allow the molten sweet glasses to chill and solidify before removing them from the underside of the glasses. Place a bucket of […]

  • Diptyque Candle, Diptyque Candle Stand 190g

    Using a coaster is sensible, however why not chooses something that was particularly made for Diptyque candles. This stylized stand comes with conventional branding, and is designed to snuggly fit Diptyque’s normal 190g candles. A love for scented candles should not come at the value of marred furniture; use the Diptyque Candle Stand to guard […]