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Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent plagiarism in education. In order for you to get your Blog posted on TheITbase, you will first have to pitch us a post and showcase your writing skills and knowledge. Education Write For Us is the practical and methodical training of a person in development and growth. It is a process through which the individual receives essential tools and knowledge to implement them in daily life. In order to achieve our mission we learn out loud on, and encourage others to do the same.

It allowed us to attract 1 million visitors per month from the USA alone. Thousands of schools around the world use AResearchGuide as a part of their curriculum. Any educational topic like technology, science, modern art, history, etc. The information you are not sure about must not be written.

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From practical to whimsical, our gift guide makes holiday shopping easier — leaving you more time to spend with your student. If you are interested in joining our community of writers, please complete the form below. Finally, it goes without saying that your post must be grammatically correct and well written. Additional images may be supplied to complement your content, though you must have the right to use them within your post. Direct pitches and submissions to the senior editor Denise Magner (). Our rates are competitive, and vary depending on a piece’s length and complexity.

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