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We are always keen to know what budding writers will share before posting. If you are interested in guest posting on our platform, we would appreciate any topic-related details in advance. We will let you know if it is relevant and postable; thanks. Sometimes, we receive articles and guest post submissions for link-building purposes.


We read each email and regularly answer inside one business day.

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Reach a pool of 15k+ qualified network of committed entrepreneurs and top influencers. The Starting Idea takes great pride in housing thought pieces, advice columns, and interviews of some of the smartest entrepreneurial minds in the world today. You can manage all your work confidently and easily, as you have to write only once and it will remain circulating with different audiences.

We are looking for contributors with startup, small business or entrepreneurial experience and an overwhelming passion for small business. Additionally, if you are a startup enthusiast, entrepreneur, or business leader with industry-specific expertise that relates to our audience, we’d welcome your article submissions. We entertain various writing styles but are most enthusiastic about writers who provide content with a clear focus and strong content value to our readership. We only accept high-quality guest posts that would be loved by our audience.

You can add a minimum of 2-3 links but they must have a value. Do not try to add a promotional link to this content we do have a separate facility for paid promotion. Ensure there is a learning, thought or action for the reader to take away at the end of your article. If the reader is not captivated in the first few words they will not read on.

Once published, the article should not be posted “in full” on other websites . We will provide a Do-Follow link in the author’s bio to their website. Before reaching out, please ensure that you have reviewed these guidelines in their entirety and are able to follow the described process. To feature on The Venture Brat, a contributor may pitch the editor via email or submit a ready article directly using the front-end dashboard. Contact us by clicking here or send us an email at editoronEntrepreneur.com answering the above-mentioned queries. Moreover, it will strengthen our community if you share, comment and reference this article on other social media sites and websites.

Don’t include promotions, endorsements, and or link backs to a specific product, service, or business. Welcome to smartentrepreneurblog.com we’re super-excited for your interest to write for us. The author must be an entrepreneur, a business leader, or an expert in a related field. We reserve the right to accept or reject any article that does not meet our standards. If you sent us an article that has been published elsewhere. You have the option of including a personal photo and a brief biography of the author.

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