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Includes subheadings, bullet points, and shorter paragraphs which make the article more readable. We’ll schedule you for publication as soon as revisions are complete. We can’t give you a specific publication date until the article is almost ready to go live. If we accept your article, an editor will work closely with you on things like organization, argumentation, and style. Has a thesis and offers a clear argument—not just a list of tips and tricks.

Here it discusses Mailchimp’s commitment to learning and educating employees about small businesses so that each employee it hires is a perfect addition to the team. The essence of a brand can be found in the feelings and meaning its name evokes. So another good place to start your story is with why your business bears a certain name. Yeti takes storytelling to another level on its About page. Visitors can click through different stories about the brand’s sponsorships, like providing gear for Heroes and Horses. It also showcases stories about inspiring people from the outdoors scene, such as the story behind Mark Engler, a legendary fishing guide in the Colorado/New Mexico area.

The business owner’s childhood pet was the inspiration for the company. The About Us page was the perfect place to tell that story. Look for opportunities to add color to your About page with photos relevant to your subject matter. Bullets are a great way to convey a lot of information without overwhelming the reader. They also provide white space, which is areas without text that help keep a page from looking cluttered.

Is there an interesting anecdote about how the business started? Finally, another client who owned a fine dining restaurant had a hot air balloon and frequently traveled to balloon rallies to fly. On his About Us page, we wrote about his love for flying, which was second only to his love for gourmet cooking. One of my clients, a real estate broker, is also a marathon runner. In writing her About Us page, we drew an analogy between running and selling real estate – it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

On the day your post goes up, please respond to comments over on my Facebook. Part of what we pay for is your help driving engagement and social sharing of the post. Payment may not be forthcoming if you are MIA the day your post goes up, so be sure to let us know if you’re not available so we can reschedule your post. DO NOT SUBMIT PRE-WRITTEN POSTS without getting an assignment first.

Please make sure every proposed guest post is original and not duplicated material. But if you want then you can list that to the technology category and write in bracket as. For the second one, I’m thinking of adding a special category for mobile phones or electronic items. I will be adding that once I found some blogs in that category.

Allbirds’ brilliant use of elements like background videos and quippy phrases to draw in its audience’s attention already make its About Us page that much more memorable. Scroll further and you’re met with a founder’s story, told in the third person. Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business. Ideally you’ll have been working and experimenting with the subject of your post for years, likehereandhere.


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That way others can easily skim through your content and digest your subject. Here are a few quick tips to format your guest posts that are suitable for online readers. So when you’re writing a guest post for the next time, keep it in your mind to provide as many references as possible. If you’re using images, make sure to provide image sources by linking to the sites. Don’t copy paste others stuff while writing guest posts. It can really damage your online reputation and no one appreciates duplicate guest posts .

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