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If you’re interested in outsourcing your content creation to a skilled and reputable agency, look no further. Founded in 2011, Express Writers has served over 5,000 clients with a team that has completed over 50,000 projects. You can trust that we have what it takes to create high-quality, valuable content your readers will love. When you outsource content writing, you get to remove this task from your to-do list and focus on the things you enjoy doing for your business. Additionally, hiring someone who truly loves to write ensures you’re putting out better content than ever.


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I’ve been truly pondering outsourcing some of my research as I’ve been brutally reminded how I can get sucked into the trap of research. I say this will a bit of disdain, but I love learning so much so I forget I have articles I’m to be writing from the research I combing through. Thank goodness I write mighty well under distress of deadlines. Whatever your communication style is, make sure you explain your communication expectations with your new writer and ensure they can adhere to them. Want to get off to a great start with your new freelance article writer?

I asked for someone fluent in English, with a background in health, and a track record of researching complex issues and writing short, concise summaries. I also asked for a sample of my assistant’s work before signing a contract. Make sure to give in your write up in .doc format only. If you think you have that required competency and the flair to convert ideas & thoughts in words, submit your work at Keep your sentences, paragraphs and introductions short.

That will bring in more traffic and could increase engagement and conversions. When you’re searching for a writer, you’ll find freelancers of all experience levels. Should you choose the writer who quotes you the lowest rate? If you care about the quality of your articles, that’s a big no. So wherever you get your outsourced blog posts, make sure you get exclusive rights to the content you purchase.

Plus, stick around to learn where you can find article writers for an incredible value. Yet, if you set yourself up for success from the beginning, you can harness the benefits of outsourcing without any of the downsides. We’re showing you today with this guide, the top tips for outsourcing writers. We allow the inclusion of relevant external links in the write-up. If the included links direct to inapposite sources, the content will be rejected.

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