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The article written on Lifestyle should not promote anything. The article must be written from a third-person point of view. There should not be any grammatical errors while writing Lifestyle related content.

Word Count – Please submit articles of at least 800 words. We have the right to modify or remove any post that we do not consider relevant or helpful. The information must define the topic and be relevant to it. Additionally, make sure there are no copyright violations. Advertisments for Creators Magazine are handled internally through Email.

The length of the Blog posts should be of minimum 1500 words. We accept all of the formats here from where we can copy the content and paste it on our website. Users are free to use formats like Word Documents, Google Docs, Dropbox papers, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Generally speaking, we hope that you find the content here interesting and helpful to you as an entrepreneur and as a person. We are glad to establish such a platform to share our expertise. Quote Sources – If your article references data, facts, statistics, or research studies, please be sure to include a link to a verified and credible source.

The writer must provide detailed information about the keyword. If you don’t have any photos then let ChivMen include them as there could also be some photos relevant to your article that I will add. Each link that you use as reference in your post must be relevant and not unnatural. We owe it to our readers to give them what they like the most. If any post doesn’t fall in place with our readers, we will have the right to remove it from our blog, no questions asked.

Users are only allowed to add only original photos and videos only. Any violation of copyrights of contents is strictly prohibited. Each of the writers is welcomed here but for publishing, we take on strict actions and add the best one only. If you are going to use this wonderful platform for the very first time, make sure that you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria or guidelines. If you are an emerging writer and are looking for better exposure, this platform will serve as a greater resource for you.

The article should be written paragraph-wise while writing Lifestyle related content. Writers with minimum qualifications can also write for our webpage as long as the writer provides an excellent article on Lifestyle. If you’re visiting the site for the first time please read the content guidelines carefully.

Please note that I receive guest post submissions daily and cannot accept every proposal. Writing one of the best articles, topics, and content that is in the style of the site’s theme will be accepted. Please include an author bio and social media profiles as well. If you have got a Guest post-proposal related to lifestyle and would like towrite for us please send an email at and you’ll have a guest post on the website. Considering the nature of our business, please select a topic that is about or related to Arts, Crafts, Party and Lifestyle. We don’t accept such articles, which are irrelevant to our business/website.

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