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You receive more rankings and traffic when you have more backlinks. Google favors contextual backlinks over spam comments and profiles, as we all know. The most strong backlink is one that comes from the context of the content. You submit content to someone else’s blog in exchange for a hyperlink to your own and increased exposure.


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Whenever you publish guest posts on other websites, you earn some powerful backlinks. A website’s Domain Rating is also a significant component in determining its worth. As a result, maintaining a high domain authority is necessary.

Developer Gang is also the ultimate blogging site for business owners. If you have been researching and developing new age technologies, entrepreneurs can Write For US Technology Business related articles. However, we restrict promotional and hardcore sales articles.

Many interesting factors help you get benefitted through a guest post contribution. Your post should be 100% original, Unique, plagiarism free, and unpublished. First of all, The Guest Post article must be about one of the topics which we have mentioned above. We don’t allow topics that are irrelevant to our site.

What is significant is the relevance and freshness of the content. The topics of content should be unique with no plagiarism. Using simple sentences with detailed information should help our readers. If you aim to write hardcore technical articles or topic based articles, the content should be distinctive. Add Fill bio, photo, social links and provide other details as asked on our website. Save details and now you are ready to guest post on our website.

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