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The article must only be available on DigitalMagazine.org. We are a consistently growing digital technology partner with a plan to set a benchmark in all the sectors across the globe. Nevertheless, we are currently expanding and are open to all kinds of topics related to current and upcoming technological trends.

The article you submit should not be placed elsewhere if approved and published in Echo innovate IT. Also, please note that all articles submitted will not be published. The most important criterion for evaluating the originality article is and quality.


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Add copyright-free images of high-resolution at least 1 . Pick the subject or topic which is in trending and which matches the type of stuff we publish. It only depends on the competition in your niche and necessary number of links that you need to get in order to outrank your competitors. Thank you for taking out the time to read through the whole page. You will soon receive a response from us with some more important instructions after your article gets approved.

Definitely not about your product, even if you have one; as well as not about your service, even if you have something to offer. A guest post is a post that will attract an audience to your site. It should be valuable and informative (read more about how to write a blog post on ahrefs.com) and establish you as a specialist of the subject in question. For example, if you knit dolls to order, make a post about what is a “sleepy toy” . Write in the article that such a “sleepy toy” can be a wonderfully knitted bunny, hence luring those interested to visit your site. I think, guest posting is the unique and effective technique to get the natural back link.

Make sure your written article must be informative and should be 100% unique. In every stage, our qualified team checks your submitted content. Once it passed all testing your article will be live on our site soon.

Therefore, the process discussed above is one of the best tools to promote your site on the Internet. We accept contributors regularly, so if you’re looking for an outlet, just follow our guidelines. If you have any requests regarding sponsored posts or product reviews, please get in touch with us at , and DTG team will get back to you. Now, discussing the content of your topic, your topic should cover all the important information and the latest technology updates.

The app also uses GPS coordinates to map frog populations. Once you’ve submitted your article, you don’t have any rights to change or rewrite it. You can’t republish the submitted content on any other site, If it happens, your content will be removed from our site. Once you submitted your article, you have no ownership to edit or rewrite the content. Your submitted write for us content should not contain any affiliate or malicious link.

Once the topic is finalized from our end, write an elaborate article and send it for a review. You can also send us the image references and ideas that you would like to have in your article. Besides, infographics, listicles are more than welcome. Make sure whatever you send has some takeaway for the readers. We are digital technology and innovation partners transforming businesses across globe through our services and solutions. We don’t accept copyrighted content, Please check the with plagiarism before sending the article to us.

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