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We reserve the right to accept or reject any article. Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches or unnecessary and unrelated keywords stuffed or spinned and/or AI-generated articles. But mental health is a broad subject, so consider not only what you’d like to write more of in the future, but what niche publications your article idea would best be suited for. Writing for A Lust for Life is sort of like tangible good karma. Blunt Therapy relies on support from its readers. We may receive compensation if you purchase products or services through the links provided throughout this website.


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If you’re going to try to get readers involved in what they’re reading some friendly back-and-forth communication is a great way of doing just that. You can build up trust with readers this way, which might put them at ease when they want to come back and see something you’ve written again in the future. With more and more people in the health communities becoming focused on practicing good healthy habits, it’s essential to make sure they’re learning everything they need to know. This calls for an industry that can able to produce accurate and relevant content so that individuals making a change are doing so as safely as possible. Since we aim to provide information backed by facts and figures you can include links to high-authority websites that can back up your claim.

Photo by Amelia Bartlett on UnsplashMental health and psychology are popular niches for writers. As a result, competition is tough, and it can be hard to find paid opportunities. Many sites offer unpaid guest post opportunities which are great for marketing your business, but not so good for paying the bills. After scouring the web and conducting some research, I’d like to share my results with you here.

We cannot publish every story we receive, we may ask for some edits, so your patience is appreciated. Roughly 95% of personal story writers are happy to include their name and photograph, 5% prefer to go anonymous. Please think carefully before deciding to share your story. Once it goes online it will be read by many people and it is important you are ready to share. Perhaps talk this over with friends, family or a therapist if necessary.

Nearly any subject related to psychology is fair game. We value originality, insight, and good reporting. If you think you are interested in writing for us, we would be more than happy to hear you out. Our organization is all about listening and helping each other grow as a people.

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