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He cares about helping others save money and overcome obstacles to financial freedom. Kristy and Bryce, a couple who retired from work at the age of 31, write this super smart and relatable blog. Pete is one of the leaders of the F.I.R.E. movement . He retired super early , and he now spends his time advocating for a more frugal and simple lifestyle. For inspiration, check last month’s spending on restaurants and food delivery services.


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Ruth writes her blog posts in an honest, open, and accessible way. She’s been through a lot to get to where she is today, and she teaches others how to be successful, too. That’s when your income gradually increases but so does your spending. Divert a raise to savings with a scheduled automatic transfer before it hits your checking account.

Michelle created this website as a way to help herself get better with money. It worked – she paid off debt, makes a great income blogging, and now instructs others on how to live their best financial life. All the frugal blogs mentioned here covers a ton of useful articles on credit cards, coupons, saving on groceries, paying off your debt and so on. The first step to living a frugal living lifestyle is to become a minimalist and yes it’s completely possible.

Founded by Jeff Miller, The Incremental Life is a personal finance blog that advocates moving toward your goals little by little. She writes articles on how to save money, get organized, and be your own boss. The content is diverse and includes tips on how to build a life on a budget.

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Looking for some great blog to educate yourself about savings, clearing off debts and so on? This is another great blog which also has a dedicated app where you can grab all of their contents to start saving more money. From cooking, budgeting and time management to taking care of your home, you’ll find a ton of topics on this amazing blog. You can find incredible tips like 52-week challenge where you start out week 1 by saving $1. The plan is to add one extra dollar per week until you put away $52 the final week of the year which will allow you to save $1,378 per year. You can always chat with your writer via a one-on-one chat.

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Nicole’s Frugal Chic Life blog is the place to go for money inspiration. She’s fully embraced the concept of being frugal while also juggling priorities like family and career. She saved her first 100k by the age of 25, and she sincerely wants to help other women do what she’s done. Not to mention, she is featured everywhere from CNBC to Time.

Here’s a list of the top 10 best Frugal living blogs you can follow to save more and spend less smartly in 2022. If you want to live frugally but are unclear where to start, visit some of these frugal blogs. They prove that while saving money may be necessary, it can also be fun and leave us feeling accomplished and more in-charge of our finances. Latoya believes that having a financial plan and living a great life go hand in hand. She writes in a relatable way, using examples and tips to help readers be better with money.